Repair service rates

We charge a flat rate trip/diagnostic charge of  $99.95 for all major domestic indoor appliance service requests And we charge a flat rate trip/diagnostic charge of  $120.00 for all major high end indoor appliance service requests, $79.95 per additional appliance serviced same day on site ( except ice machines, which are a $140 trip/diagnostic charge) and the labor rate will be based on the parts being installed or labor required without parts, using the blue book rate systems to keep our costs fair and to a national standard. 

In the event of an appliance emergency (ex. flooding, food about spoil) we will finish our currant stop and make you the next priority stop. We will charge a fee of $295.00. If its not an immediate emergency but still requires prompt service we will schedule you, with in the next 48 Hrs. We will charge a fee of $180.00. Both fees are non refundable due at time of scheduling and will not be applied to the repair rate of any repair completed. There is also no guarantee we will be able to fix the appliance on our first trip.

If a part is required to complete the repair, a non-refundable part deposit of 50% for all parts over $75 and a 75% for parts over $1,000 will need to be paid in order to order the part.

For out of service area calls there is a one time charge that will be assessed on a case by case based on location on top of our $99.95 diagnostics fee and there will be an additional mileage charge that will be charged for every trip out calculated at $1 per mile for every mile over 40 miles calculated round trip.

We charge a non-refundable rate of $150 for calls out to Peaks Island, on top of our $99.95 diagnostic rate. If a return trip is required, there will be an additional rate of $75 each trip back out.

All other islands will have a rate of $240 1st trip and $75 each additional trip and will require pick up and drop off at the island ferry landing. If a ferry is not available to your island transportation to and from the island will need to be provided for and arranged prior to the day of service.

Second appliance repair company visit: If you hired another company to repair your appliance and they were unable to fix it and now you need us to finish the job, we may charge an additional $55 to the trip/diagnostic rate that does not go towards the estimate of repair. This charge is due to the errors that unauthorized service providers make in the process of trying to diagnose and make repairs to unfamiliar appliances and the additional work necessary to get it back into operational condition.


** Prices are subject to change without notice, unless an estimate has been given. All estimates are honored at the estimated value ** 

  1. Appliance Installation rates

Appliance installation costs will be estimated on a per job basis, due to the wide variety of appliance styles and changing environmental circumstances and will include a pre-site inspection prior to set installation date.

Appliance purchase consultation rates

Appliance consultations are for customers who want the opinion of a service person who has been in the industry for many years, holds no brand loyalty and will give you educated options based on your own personal needs. This is for new construction, remodeling and basic upgrading of existing appliances. Consultations will be charged on an hourly basis and the hourly rate will depend on site location. The hourly rate will start at 75.00 per hour and cap at 165.00 per hour. These rates include travel expenses, operational costs and misc expenses to be available to you. Most consultations I've done have only taken 3 to 4 hours to complete.