This page is here for our scheduled customers to find updates about their scheduled services date cancellations. We will be posting closures and updates as inclement weather takes place. We are equip with the best multi use service vehicles available to the industry. We equip the vehicles with winter tires and do all we can to avoid cancellations. We understand that the weather can be worse in some places rather than others. However, We have technicians that live in more remote areas and they have a hard time getting out after inclement weather. We strive to meet our promised schedule dates and if we can’t, we will post it here. Thank you for your patience and understanding, Management

Local forecast

Date of company closure: 4/4/2019

Reason for closure: hazardous travel conditions in beginning of work day

Date of anticipated reopening: 4/5/2019 @ 8am

Service ares affected: Southern Maine