When the customer and the company work together they create a well oiled machine.

When the customer and the company work together they create a well oiled machine.


What you can expect from us

Our office hours are between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday. We will call our customers Between the hours of 1pm and 2pm the businesses day prior to the scheduled day of service to confirm a 2 hour time window between the hours of 8am and 5pm for the day of service. We ask that if we leave you a message  and you are scheduled for a first stop of 8am, to please call us to confirm or leave a message by 4:30pm the day we call. We ask that if we leave you a message  and you are scheduled for a time after 9am to please call us to confirm or leave a message by 8am the day of service. If we do not receive confirmation you will need to call us and reschedule for a  later date.

We will arrive within the 2 hour window and if we are not going to make it on time, we will call well in advance to let you know. We will perform our diagnosis of the malfunctioning product and will give a written estimate of the repair cost to fix the product. We will strive to repair the product on the first trip to the best of our ability and if a part is in need of ordering, we will require the trip charge and a non-refundable part deposit of 50% for all parts over $75 and a 75% for parts over $1,000. The payments made will go toward the estimate and a second trip charge will not be applied nor required if a second visit is needed. Once the part ordered arrives at our office, we will reach out to you to reschedule the second visit and can not reschedule the visit until the part arrives at our office. Once the second visit is rescheduled, we will follow the same procedure as stated above for the primary visit aside the trip charge. Once the part has been installed and the product has been tested for proper operational condition, the remaining balance of the estimate will be due c.o.d and billing is not an option unless arrangements have been made prior to rescheduling. The services will carry a ninety day work guarantee and the part installed will carry a part warranty based on the manufacturers part guarantee. Each manufacturer offers a slightly different part warranty and this information will be clarified upon job completion.



What we expect from you

When we give you a 2 hour time frame, we will require you on site during the duration of that time frame and if you need to leave or will not be available during that time, prior arrangements will need to be made. If we arrive and no one is available, it will be considered a cancellation and a cancellation fee of 75.00 will be applied to the job estimate. we will require an adult of over 18 years old to be present and cannot enter the home if an adult is not present. When the diagnosis is completed, if we need to order a part, we will need payment available and can not order the part until the trip charge and part deposit have been paid. We ask that you be patient with us during the parts ordering process as we are at the mercy of the manufacturers and shipping companies while waiting for the part. When the part arrives and we reach out to you, we need you to respond as soon as possible to get the job completed, as the over head expenses of part acquisition can be hard to sit on and if we do not hear back within 5 business days, we will be sending the part back and you will be responsible for any restocking fees. 


Bottom line


We want to get your product back in operational condition just as fast as you do. we will do our best to be as proficient as possible and need you to be as flexible as possible. we strive to offer you a high quality service experience, with high quality diagnostic skills, however, we are a small family business and can only move as fast as our customers and parts companies. So please help us, help you and together we can be a well oiled machine.